Kostolac B Thermal Power Plant is an ongoing 697 MW coal-fired power project located in Branicevo, Serbia. The project has been developed in multiple phases and is expected to achieve stable operation on the grid in September 2023.
Since 2016, Eastship has been a key logistics partner in the power plant’s construction, delivering around 700,000 freight to the site in Serbia, over 25 million km by truck and over 800,000 km by barge.
With a strong focus on precise planning and execution, Eastship’s experienced team has ensured that every delivery was made on time and in the safest manner possible.
The general and OOG cargo was transported via truck or barge, with the deliveries spanning around 7 years. Thanks to Eastship’s sufficient staff and connections, multiple truck loads and barge operations were possible simultaneously.

By implementing precise planning, we were able to optimise the use of port yard space and streamline the dispatch process. This allowed us to efficiently manage the movement of cargo, ensuring timely delivery and minimising any potential delays. Our commitment to effective planning is a crucial aspect of our logistics services.

Thanks to Eastship’s reliable logistics services, the project has progressed smoothly, bringing the power plant closer to its completion and success.


Duration: 7 years

>25 millions km by truck

>700 000 km by barge

Sufficient staff to attend multiple truck loads and barge operations simultaneously

Commercially attractive

Long term predictability and reliability

Inside port capacity order to maximize stoawageplans and yard layout according to order dispatch

Sufficient trucks and barges to match a tight delivery schedule

Financial strength

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