Freight forwarding

While the freight forwarder does not actually move the freight itself, the freight forwarder arranges various transportation services such as ocean shipping on cargo ships or road transport.

A freight forwarder utilizes established relationships with carriers, from trucking companies, to ocean liners, in order to negotiate the best possible price to move shippers’ goods along established trade routes by working out various bids and choosing the best path that optimizes speed, cost, and reliability.

Freight forwarders typically handle ample amount of logistics of shipping goods from one international destination to another, a task some companies view as a formidable or too complex.

Road freight

With a clear focus on heavy cargo / project cargo logistics, Eastship has easy access to a fleet of +70 trailers that are most of the time spread all over Europe. Being well experienced, having sufficient staff and counting on continuously increasing volumes, you can expect very fast calculations, accurate equipment choosing by our engineering dept and fast delivery solutions based on trailers having permanent permits for some countries. Apart of the heavy / project cargo trucking service involving our equipment, which has a dedicated page in our website (link catre services/owned equipment), we believe we reached the point where pure road freight forwarding for deliveries of heavy / oversize cargo in EU is one of our strongest points.

ocean freight

When it comes to project / heavy cargo, ocean freight services do not refer to just negotiating a freight and offering it to shippers. It gets to smooth coordination between inland delivery and lay can, accurate lifting plans, lashing calculations, weight spreading and needed materials, voyage planning, risk assessment, etc, things that can be shortly summarized as care for details that can make a difference. Having among the staff very experienced personnel in both BB and containerized cargo, our chartering team has a clear view of all shipping possibilities, enabling customers to find at Eastship innovative and complete solutions for heavy-lift cargo and project cargo logistics. Combining a software showing the live positions and intended routes of the heavy lift carriers with its inland possibilities for moving the cargo from the pick-up locations to any POL in NW EU, Black Sea, MED or Adriatic, customers benefit of high quality complete services and minimized costs, with a focus on safety and accurate reporting through our port captains attending all vessel loading operations.

River freight

If it's for EU trade or just for by-passing a bridge due to height or weight limitations, barging service is a regular operation in our activity and it is now found found often among the heavy cargo / project logistics solutions developed by Eastship. Knowing not only the equipment, but also the special characteristics of different facilities on Danube, Rhine, etc, we easily integrate the navigable waterways in our thinking.

Rail freight

Using its own skidding & jacking equipment, Eastship can provide solutions for heavy cargoes up to 240 mts by rail intra EU (subject to routing, bridges). As reference, can mention the 7 x 250MVA trafos delivered to Hungary in 2016-2017.

Road Freight

River Freight

Rail freight

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Ocean freight


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