On site logistics

At Eastship, we take pride in our team’s diverse technical expertise and specialized equipment, enabling us to handle complex on-site logistics operations with ease. Our certified electricians, welders, riggers, forklift drivers, crane operators, and engineers work together to deliver seamless solutions for our clients.

Extensive inventory

Our extensive inventory of equipment, including hydraulic jacks, skidding and rolling equipment, allows us to efficiently position and remove manufacturing equipment without damaging high and medium voltage cables and surrounding equipment. We also specialize in the dismantling and positioning of large manufacturing equipment, providing a one-stop solution for our clients’ relocation needs.

Why work with us?

Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and vast industry knowledge make us the trusted partner for all your transportation requirements.

Complementary services handled by own personnel

Advanced technical knowledge

Interim storage

Staff to attend multiple truck loads simultaneously

Temporary storage

In addition, our team can arrange for safe temporary storage of equipment and materials, ensuring our clients’ assets are secure until they are ready to be transported to their final destination. With our expertise and resources, we have successfully completed numerous on-site logistics projects for clients across various industries.

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