As part of the Iernut project in 2024, Eastship transported seven autoclaves over a distance exceeding 700 kilometers. Each autoclave measured 24 meters in length, 3.3 meters in height, 3 meters in width, and weighed 45 tons.

For the internal movement at beneficiary’s premises, we have used a tailor made system engineered, built and operated by our crew. We designed and constructed robust trolleys, each capable of supporting 45 tons, and mounted them on rails. The autoclaves were carefully placed onto these tailor-made trolleys, and a specialized pulling system was employed to transport them to their final locations. Utilizing a jacking and skidding system, we systematically removed the trolleys and rails, lowering the autoclaves to their designated final destination.

Length: 24m

Width: 3m

Height: 3.3m

Weight: 45 tons

Advanced technical knowledge

Comprehensive method statement

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