As part of the modernization of the UMM Râbnița, Eastship transported a rough terrain crane from the renowned Japanese company TADANO. After a long journey of over 640 km the machinery was safely delivered to the Rabnita site.

This notable machinery marks a significant milestone not only for the plant but also for the entire region. With a remarkable 93-metre arm span and 145 tons lifting capacity, this crane boasts capabilities that enable intricate repair work at substantial heights. Its impressive lifting capacity ensures the successful execution of complex tasks.

This crane’s purpose extends beyond its impressive specifications. It will be a vital asset in the construction of an advanced gas cleaning facility, aimed at reducing emissions into the atmosphere. Additionally, its specialised equipment will facilitate other crucial projects, such as the repair of emergency cooling reservoirs

Weight: 91 tons

Length: 16.2 m

Width: 3.4 m

Height: 3.8 m

Advanced technical knowledge

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