Eastship’s expertise in logistics was put to the test when we were entrusted to deliver the largest pressurised equipment ever built in Romania as part of the Midor oil refinery Expansion Project in Egypt. The massive equipment weighed a staggering 365 tons, measured 80 metres in length, and stood 9 metres high.
Transporting such a large piece of equipment presented a unique set of challenges. While side roads were available, they were too narrow and winding for the size of the equipment. To ensure a safe and successful delivery, we spent four months meticulously planning and coordinating every aspect of the project, from obtaining necessary permits to route planning and complying with local regulations.
As part of the project, our team worked closely with over 30 suppliers, including cable, internet, and electrical providers. They were essential in ensuring a smooth and safe transport of the equipment. The team had to coordinate with them to move cables, dismantle and rebuild roundabouts and street signs to enable the cargo to go through.

Once the cargo was ready for transport, our team ensured a secure and stable load on a barge, handling the weight distribution and lashing. he barge was then transferred to a ship, which completed the delivery to Egypt.

Every single aspect of this record breaking transport was planned and managed by the Eastship team.

Accurate planning and coordination of 30+ suppliers

Clear feasibility studies

Asset-based trucking service

Advanced techincal knowledge for truck and barge loading and transport

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