Total length: 28 m

Total width: 15 m

Total height: 12 m

Total weight: 366 tons

Advanced technical knowledge

Creative solutions

Easy access to special barges

Comprehensive method statement

Complementary services handled by own personel

This was one of the most challenging transportation projects Eastship`s team has ever faced. We were entrusted with the transportation of two massive tanks to the VARD shipyard in Tulcea.

The tanks weighed a staggering 366 tons each, and measured 28 metres in length, 15 metres in width, and 12 metres in height.
The first challenge was to find a barge that could transport the tanks from Constanta and transport them to Tulcea.

However, the Tulcea dock posed a unique challenge. The dock was higher than any barge that could transport this size of cargo, making it impossible to unload the tanks using conventional methods. Our team quickly realised that building a ramp was not an option, as it would have been too expensive and time-consuming.

So, our team had to think outside the box and devise a creative solution to the problem. After careful consideration and consultation with our technical team, we decided to stack two rows of modular trailers on top of each other to create a platform that would raise the tanks to the same level as the dock.
This ingenious approach allowed us to unload the tanks safely and securely at the Galati dock, and transport them to the shipyard for their installation. This project showcases our staff’s technical knowledge and innovative thinking, and our ability to deliver complex logistics solutions for our clients.
At Eastship, we take pride in our commitment to finding the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients’ logistics needs, no matter how challenging the project may be.

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